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French Eclectic Exterior Style

French Eclectic Exterior Style
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French Eclectic Exterior Style

What is French Eclectic style ?
- There are many architectural exterior styles around the world , but we decided to write this useful article about French eclectic style and we will write about other styles in the near future .
- French eclectic architecture began in France in the early 20th century . Americans loved this style and its details , so they borrowed it and used this style in their buildings .
- In the middle of 20th century , this style began to disappear till 1970 , it began to be popular again but with a lot of modifications specially with the roof , the roof was modified to tne new version of “ Mansard roof “ .
How to know French eclectic style in real life ?
There are many characteristics to define French eclectic style as
- Roof (inclined roof not a flat one … it can be installed with different materials slate , flat tiles and wood) .
- Prominent chimney .
- Dormer (round – hip) with (oval - rectangular) windows .
- Flared eave .
- Classical details .
- Segmented arches specially with windows .
- Pediment with classical details .
- Walls (with variety of materials stone , stucco or mixed between them) .
- Quoins .
Types of eclectic style ?
Because this style was applied by different designers all over the world , there are 3 main subtypes of French eclectic style as follows :
- Symmetrical .
-  Asymmetrical .
-  Towered version (original French eclectic style with a modification in the entrance and its roof , entrance could be cylindrical and the roof is like a cone) .



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